My Colourful Journey!

Breathe, Laugh and Love!

These are my newfound favourite things! My mantra for a better life.

To Paint or not to Paint was never the question!

I've always drawn and painted and I believe I always will. It is my safe place, where I go to relax, to breathe! It's easy though, to forget what makes you happy…and surprisingly its easier to take happiness lightly.

One of these days though, realisation strikes – there's no one else who is going to be responsible for your joy. Or maybe, just maybe if you are very very lucky, you'll have a loved one who’ll remind you what you need to do…but the doing has to be yours.

This is how my journey began – the journey of taking myself seriously as an artist and giving my art the importance it deserved. The more time I spent painting, the more I realised the significance of laughter, love and calmness.

I've set off now, let go of whatever shackles I had created which were holding me back. Fear, doubt, insecurity – it all fades away in the blinding glow of pure love, gurgling laughter and a calm deep breath!

This is a journey – a life long one...of finding myself, finding my voice and learning to put it across to all of you. What will the destination be? There might be none – just an inward walk, towards myself at my own pace. But the journey, with my colours as my companions will be a celebration in itself!