Dr. Renuka Parmar, MBBS, MF HOM(Med)(UK), DIACH (Greece) is an Integrated Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Renuka Kshirsagar Parmar , M.B.B.S., M.F. HOM(Med) (UK), D.I.A.C.H.(Greece), is an Integrated Medicine specialist.

She did her M.B.B.S. from Grant Medical College and Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals in Mumbai. She then chose to pursue a postgraduate degree in Homeopathy from the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and became a Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy in London, UK. She has completed a postgraduate diploma course from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece, with world renowned homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas.

She has done a Yoga Instructor course from the S-VYASA University of Yoga in Bangalore which is founded and run by Dr. Nagendra and Dr. Nagratna. She is also an accomplished acupressurist and uses acupressure routinely in her practice.

Dr. Renuka has trained under the mentorship of acclaimed homeopath, Hon. Col. Dr Anil Habbu before setting up her private practice in Borivali in February 2010. Dr. Renuka practiced in the area for almost a decade in her own private set up before joining the Ananta Polyclinic team.

In 2018, she opened a second private clinic in Thane where she consults daily.

The focus of her practice remains holistic and integrated medicine and she uses a combination of Allopathy, Homeopathy, Acupressure and Yoga to address a multitude of ailments.



Homeopathy is an alternate system of therapeutics which is effective in multiple acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy is not a replacement for allopathy, rather it is a complementary system. The integration of homeopathy with conventional medicine reduces the dependence on drugs like painkillers and antibiotics thereby reducing the incidence of side effects.

Homeopathy is used successfully for Allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, chronic sinusitis, musculoskeletal conditions like spondylitis, osteoarthritis, migraine, alopecia areata vertigo, menstrual irregularities, PCOS, IBS, haemorrhoids, fissures to name a few.

Patient Testimonials

1) When my son Utkarsh was just 9 months old, we visited Dr. Renuka's clinic. Since then it has been our most preferred clinic for my son and later for my daughter too. Utkarsh is now 10 yrs old and we don't remember visiting any other clinic in these years.  We are more than satisfied with Dr. Renuka’s diagnosis and choice of homeopathic medicine which suits  us. Her consultation has not been limited to my son and daughter, but both me and my wife haven taken treatment from her. I was suffering from an atypical kind of cough which I couldn't get rid of after a lot of allopathic medication but it was been cured by Dr. Renuka in just few days. Our association with the clinic has gone beyond Doctor and patient. We consider her as trusted friend now. I have been recommending Dr.Renuka’s homeopathic therapy to most of my friends and will recommend to others too. Thank you.

Akash Raut, Mira road


 2)Dr. Renuka is like a doctor cum friend to me. I can openly discuss my health issues and also psychological issues with her without any hesitation. I have started believing in homeopathy because of Dr.Renuka. When I first met her, I was in a state of trauma and I told her I want to be cured without medicine. That time she chose Acupressure treatment for me and cured me without medicines. In nine years I have many experiences which cannot be put here as the list will be too long. I hope Dr. Renuka's new venue of clinic will be convenient for everyone. All the best Dr.Renuka. Do well"

Preeti Karambelkar, 41 yrs, Dahisar


 3) The day I met Dr Renuka in 2010 and took her treatment, my perception about homeopathy got changed. Trust me, since then I have barely taken allopathy medicines. Dr. Renuka is one of the best doctors I have ever met. She talks about holistic approach and long-term wellbeing and not just short term relief.

Me and my family are very thankful to her and believe in her. Whatever the medical condition, our first visit has been and will be Dr Renuka only. Now for us she is like a family. It's been almost 10 years, I, my wife and kids and even extended family consult her.

Rupesh and Neha Malpani, 38yrs old, Goregaon


4)  About 5 years  back I  have availed of  treatment  from  Dr Renuka Parmar for Sinusitis  related  problems and then a couple of years back for Spondylitis.
From the  said treatments  I have experienced great relief  and cure. Her diagnosis had been exemplary with easy go by medication. It is very appreciable that during my treatments over the years  she has never asked  to do unnecessary check ups  or laboratory tests  which is  very rare in  medical profession nowadays. By far I have no hesitation in saying that Dr Renuka has been the best and honest to patients, ethical medical practitioner I have come across. Though I stay at Goregaon, I do not mind going through the hassles of reaching Borivali and   continue to consult her . Have recommended quite a number of known ones to approach her for treatment.  Thank you Doctor and may you continue with your practice for many more years to come.

Hemant Walimbe, Goregaon

5) For me Dr Renuka is "Positive driving force".I am her patient since last 10 years, from the time my son was 8 months old. She has helped throughout his growing phase and she has treated my PCOD due to which I was suffering  since 15 years. My sister who was suffering with migraine from many years was also treated well by her guidance and her treatment.

There are many more such success stories of friends and relatives referred by me to her.

She is kind hearted person and patiently explains to her patients and also gives a moral boost. Thanks a ton doctor 😇

Atmaja Raje, 35 yrs Consulting Nutritionist and Yoga